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SolarWatch - Follow the Sun.

SolarWatch helps you keep track of the sun's daily patterns. It's perfect for photographers seeking the best lighting or anyone who wants to align their life with nature's rhythm.

SolarWatch provides precise sunrise and sunset times, various twilight phases, and a yearly overview of daylight and solar events. It helps you plan outdoor activities and understand the sunlight exposure for different rooms, ideal for home planning.

The app includes an AR mode and map overlays to help you determine the sun's position at different times and places. This feature is great for both professional and amateur photographers to get the best light for their photos. Plus, you can set solar alarms for specific events, ensuring you never miss a sunrise or sunset again.

Experience the natural beauty of each day with SolarWatch. Download it now and harmonize your daily routine with the sun's cycle.


Available on iOS, iPadOS and watchOS

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